Jam The Music Of The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Tribute

Meet the team

Grateful Dead Tribute


Lead Guitar & Vocals

Solo Artist in Korea

His “Jerry licks” are like a carpet bomb of American patriotism and hippy love that would cause the most diabolical of regimes to reconsider their political practices.

Ohio Grateful Dead Band


Keys & Vocals

The Goods, Oh Kee Pa

Performer, Composer, Gamer, Father... Not necessarily in that order. Nate shows up for the music, and the beers!

Grateful Dead Band


Bass & Vocals

Critical Mass, Ohio Pie Factory

This guy loves to walk the walk when it comes to creative bass runs. He is also an avid cyclist when he is not adding to his menagerie of vintage record players.

Grateful Dead Tribute



The Maji, Tanuki

James brings a strong jazz / progressive sound to the band. He is constantly pushing the envelope of what Chris considers "appropriate". In his spare time he enjoys the company of olive skinned beauties.

Donna Jean Grateful Dead Band


Percussion & Vocals

GNSB, LOI, The Sides
Born of wolves and winner of two "Hunger Games", Khrys brings a powerful softness to the group. Her wand also contains a unicorn hair at its core.
Dayton Ohio Grateful Dead Tribute


Engineer / Producer

Baraka’s Groove, Rock Formation

With over 20 years of experience in digital media, Greg earns the title of Papa G.

He is a fan of mixology and acts as spiritual advisor for the band. Have you signed the bottle?