We are a band based out of Dayton, Ohio who endeavor to bring the raw energy and organic sound that made seeing the Grateful Dead such a fantastic experience. We perform high energy shows that cater to shaking them bones! Look for Arrows of Neon at a venue near you. Keep them orbits peeled!

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Hump Day Happy Hour in Columbus

Arrows of Neon jam the music of the Grateful Dead, this time for happy hour festivities at a free show in Columbus! Prepare yourself for a magical set that will start at 6:30pm. Woodlands Tavern, 1200 West Third Avenue, Columbus … Continue reading

Shakedown Street Video Live From One Eyed Jacks

We are proud to release our latest video from our recent show at One Eyed Jacks! Shakedown Street was an impromptu set opener not originally on the set list. Thanks to an enthusiastic crowd, this song blew open a great … Continue reading

Chris' Corner

Dicks Picks Vol 3 and 4 available on limited edition vinyl!

Got a hole in your collection? Dance a hole right through your shoe to Dick’s Picks Vol. 3 – now available on vinyl for the first time ever. Pre-order link!

Wall of Sound turns 40!

If it still existed… The technical monster in sound reinforcement was built 40 years ago. Here is a cool link to the layout diagram. Check it here!